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LaCie Network Space v2

This page is relevant for Network Space (Max) v2 and Internet Space v2 boards.


  • CPU ARM926EJ-S (ARMv5TE) 800MHz
  • SoC Kirkwood 88F6281_A0
  • SDRAM memory 256MB, DDR2 533MHz
  • SPI flash, NOR 512MB (MACRONIX MX25L4005CMI-12G)
  • Ethernet Gigabit port (PHY MARVELL 88E1116R)
  • 1 USB2 port, 1 connector host and 1 connector device (except for Internet Space v2)
  • 1 SATA port (2 ports for Network Space Max v2)
  • I2C EEPROM, 512 bytes (24C04 type)
  • 2 LEDs (blue and red with CPLD SATA activity blink)
  • Power push button

Network Space v2 Network Space v2


An unreliable configuration is available here


The boards are almost fully supported mainline. For more informations, see our U-Boot main page

Here are the remaining tasks:

  • Initialize MAC address from I2C EEPROM.
  • Merge patch “sf: macronix: disable write protection when initializing” with mainline.
  • Configure GPIO LEDs.
  • Enhance the default boot sequence (environment variables).


The boards are almost fully supported mainline.

Here are the remaining tasks:

  • USB device support: host/device switch and GPIOs configuration.
  • Hard disk GPIOs support.


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