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 The boards are almost fully supported mainline. For more informations,​ see our [[ubootforkirkwoodsocs|U-Boot for Kirkwood]] page. The boards are almost fully supported mainline. For more informations,​ see our [[ubootforkirkwoodsocs|U-Boot for Kirkwood]] page.
-These are the default environment variables in the stock U-Boot provided by Lacie: 
-console=console=ttyS0,​115200 mtdparts=spi_flash:​0x80000@0(uboot)ro,​0x300000@0x100000(root) 
-bootargs_root=root=/​dev/​nfs rw 
-standalone=fsload 0x2000000 $(image_name);​setenv bootargs $(console) root=/​dev/​mtdblock0 rw ip=$(ipaddr):​$(serverip)$(bootargs_end) $(mvPhoneConfig);​ bootm 0x2000000; 
-start_lump=lump 3 
-resetdisk=ide reset 
-bootargs=console=ttyS0,​115200 root=/​dev/​sda7 ro reset=0 productType=ASTON_KW 
-bootcmd=run disk_disk 
-boot_disk4=disk ${kernel_addr} 1:​${primaryPart};​ setenv rootfs /dev/sdb7; 
-boot_disk3=if disk ${kernel_addr} 0:​${primaryPart};​ then setenv rootfs /dev/sda7; else run boot_disk4; fi 
-boot_disk2=if disk ${kernel_addr} 1:​${secondaryPart};​ then setenv rootfs /dev/sdb7; else run boot_disk3; fi 
-boot_disk1=if disk ${kernel_addr} 0:​${secondaryPart};​ then setenv rootfs /dev/sda7; else run boot_disk2; fi 
-boot_disk=if test ${resetFlag_env} -eq 0; then run boot_disk1; else run boot_disk3; fi 
-disk_disk=run boot_disk; setenv bootargs console=ttyS0,​115200 root=${rootfs} ro reset=${resetFlag_env} productType=${productType_env};​ bootm ${kernel_addr};​ 
-ethaddr= #mac address 
-ipaddr= #NAS ip 
-ncip= #clunc connected ip 
-serverip= #clunc connected ip 
 ===== Linux ===== ===== Linux =====
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 ===== Userspace ===== ===== Userspace =====
-===== Auto power on =====+It is also possible to install Debian, look [[debian_install|here]]. 
 +===== LaCie system ​=====
-Normally, after applying power, you have to push the button to turn on the ns2. If you want it to switch on automaticallyyou have to switch a bit in the i2c eeprom. +For more informations about the LaCie stock systemlook [[lacie_stock|here]].
-The bit is at offset 14 in the eeprom, changing it from 0 to 1 will enable auto switch on. +
-For more details see [[ubootforkirkwoodsocs#​eeprom_organization]]+
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