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 +===== Parsing mount points =====
 +When dealing with disk spindown, it can be important to parse the list of mount points, in order to alter mount options such as commit=, etc.
 +For this, it is important to take into accounts the differences between /etc/mtab and /​proc/​mounts,​ when the former is not a symlink to the latter.
 +Here's an example /etc/mtab rootfs entry:
 +  rootfs / rootfs rw,​noatime,​relatime,​errors=continue,​barrier=0,​commit=7200 0 0
 +And here's its counterpart in /​proc/​mounts:​
 +  /dev/root / ext3 rw,​noatime,​errors=continue,​commit=7200,​barrier=0,​data=ordered 0 0
 +In one case, the device is "​rootfs",​ in the other, it's "/​dev/​root"​
 +So we can have a "​real"​ device, or a "​fake"​ device. To apply a remount command, we'll want the real one, so /​proc/​mounts shall be preferred.
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