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U-Boot support for Orion SoCs


The Orion family of SoCs includes the following machines:

  • Buffalo/Revolution Kurbox Pro
  • Buffalo/Revolution Linkstation Mini
  • Buffalo/Revolution Terastation Pro II/Live
  • Lacie ED Mini V2
  • Lacie Internet Space V1 (V2 uses kirkwood)
  • Lacie 2Big
  • Lacie 5Big
  • Lacie d2 Network
  • Lacie Big Disk Network
  • Marvell Orion-2 Development Board, Marvell Orion-VoIP FXO, Marvell Orion-VoIP GE, Marvell Orion-NAS Reference Design, Marvell Orion-1-90 AP GE Reference Design
  • Maxtor Shared Storage II
  • QNAP TS-109/TS-209
  • QNAP TS-409
  • Technologic Systems TS-78xx


See out U-Boot main page.

To-do list

  • adapt orion5x / edminiv2 or relocation (wip in -next)
  • add initial support for net5big (based upon reloc adaptation)
  • add initial support for net2big (based upon reloc adaptation)
  • add I2C support to net5big
  • add PCI support to net5big
  • add SATA over PCI support to net5big
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